Good guys, including YouGov founder Stefan Shakespeare and Politico’s founder Iain Dale, plan to launch Britain’s first political Internet TV Channel on 10 October.

18DoughtyStreet Talk TV will broadcast for four hours a night, Mondays to Thursdays, from studios in London’s Bloomsbury with a mix of live and pre-recorded programmes. It aims to stir up current affairs television with a mix of opinionated and controversial programming. Because it goes out on the internet, it is not bound by the political balance rules.

The station is currently prospecting for e-reporters, and aims to build a network of 100 nationwide and worldwide citizen journalist reporters, each equipped with their own camcorder, to film reports for 18DoughtyStreet’s broadcasts.

Daily votes on the station’s website will determine which news stories headline each programme, and viewers will see live blog streaming as they watch the presenters.

The channel says that “conventional political TV has let down its audience by dumbing down political debate to the lowest common denominator” and looks forward to “championing rebel opinions in all of the mainstream parties and constantly questioning authority”.

Source – Adam Smith Institute