The idea for the progressive podcast came from a conversation with a friend.  I suggested that since Dundee had its own TV station channel 6, which broadcast music videos, that it should be possible to create a channel showing good documentaries and social programming.  I thought it might also get funding either by charity organisations or from TeleSUR / Al Jazerra (if we also broadcast their news).  My friend thought this was a great idea and said he’d been trying to get a radio show in Glasgow.  This got me thinking, a cheap way to make a radio show is just to host the content on the internet on a podcast site.  Once we had a network of people doing this we would have proof that we were capable of running a radio show and perhaps our community could build towards video podcasting and then TV broadcasting too.  This website is to promote this project and to try and get more people/organisations involved.  Its time to create an alternative media network in Scotland and the UK.    Media activists of Scotland Unite!  All you have to lose are Rupert Murdochs chains! 😉

This is a common ends project, part of the free culture UK network.


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