The progressive podcast will offer audio downloads created by grassroots activists.

Why use the audio medium?

  • With the upsurge in mp3 players its possible to educate yourself while on the move e.g. walking/driving to work, going to the supermarket etc
  • Listening to a speaker gives more of a feel for the person than reading their work
  • Its another medium to try and get a message across
  • If someone misses a speaking event it would give them the chance to hear what was said
  • The content can be used for radio broadcasting
  • Allows people to listen where they want when they want how they want
  • Can cheaply be burnt to CD and distributed by individuals, newspapers or at stalls to raise money

Podcasting as an effective learning tool

Types of show (examples of ideas)

  • Interviews
  • Speeches at group meetings
  • Series of university lectures 1
  • Conferences
  • Political comedy (such as Mark Thomas / Robert Newman audio recordings)
  • Reading of essays / books
  • Democracy Now style radio show (once good at audio show develop into Scottish TV show for download on site)
  • Daily show – two people reviewing a piece of news from paper/web taking it apart showing the lies and propaganda
  • A “question time” style show but with interesting guests willing to discuss issues
  • Out of copyright (or public domain / copyleft) interviews/speeches e.g. with Noam Chomsky, Malcolm X or Bertrand Russell

1 A lecturer at a West Yorkshire university has abolished traditional lectures in favour of podcasts.

What could downloads be used for?

  • Downloads can be listened to on PCs, mp3 players and can be burned to CD
  • If each download is kept to a maximum size of 80 mins in length it will be easy for people to create audio CDs and distribute freely and legally (the cost to make an audio CD is about 25p per CD for a box of 100).
  • Magazines such as the big issue and other papers could be given license to offer free CD’s of our material with their product.  I believe the big issue has done similar promotions before with music CD’s.  Also I read that The Independent spent 36p per free DVD buying a bulk order of 10,000.  In this case I’m sure CD’s are much cheaper so its quite possible small leftist papers could afford to publish the work.
  • Radio stations and other podcasting sites could be encouraged to use the material as long as our web address is read at the start of each playing

Feel free to add ideas into the comments section.


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