3 November 2006 

Woman watching podcast

The SNP is seeking to target the younger generation

A hi-tech video plea to voters using podcasting technology has been launched by the Scottish National Party.Party leader Alex Salmond will be hosting regular podcasts over the next six months in an effort to reach young voters, graduates and professionals.

The Scottish Executive has already moved into the realm of MP3 downloads, with selected events and first minister’s questions available online.

UK Conservative leader David Cameron has also started his own video weblog.

‘Target graduates’

The SNP’s podcast, filmed in Glasgow’s George Square, was also published on the YouTube website.

“With an estimated one in four 25 to 40 year-olds with MP3 players such as Apple’s iPod, the SNP is using this media to target graduates and young professionals,” the party said.

“Polling confirms this age group as the strongest supporters of independence and the SNP is wooing these voters with a pledge to lift the burden of student debt from thousands of young Scots and their families.”

The Nationalists are planning a series of podcasts in the run-up to the 3 May Holyrood and local elections.