By Brendan Carlin, Political Correspondent

Last Updated: 2:15am GMT 24/11/2006

  • Video: The Tories ‘sort-it’

    With a use of language that does not spare the blushes of traditional Tory activists, the party has launched an internet campaign called “the inner tosser”.

      Homepage of the 'Sort-it' website
    Personal debt is just the first of a number of topics that will be featured on the site

    The so-called “viral ad” campaign is the first of series designed to reach younger voters via the internet.

    Mr Cameron, at 40 the youngest by far of the main party leaders, has set great store on using the internet to target young people.

    Francis Maude, the party chairman, has also claimed the “blogosphere” for the Tories, claiming Right-leaning bloggers dominate the political internet.

    The new campaign features a video showing a young man being persuaded to spend beyond his means by an evil sidekick – “the tosser within” – who embodies his worst impulses.


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    It shows the man being persuaded to use his credit card to buy clothes and shoes as well as huge flat-screen television.

    “Two years’ interest-free credit – what do you care? You could be dead by then!” advises the evil friend.

    The young man finally buys a sports car, before being advised to curb his “inner tosser”, a slang expression with a variety of meanings.

    The campaign has been created by Ben Bilboul of advertising agency Karmarama, which was behind David Hasselhoff’s recent “King of the internet” campaign for Pipex.

    Mr Cameron, a former PR executive at Carlton, today justified the campaign.

    He said: “We know that we need to reach out to people disengaging from the political process.

    “We are launching ‘Sort it’, an innovative and provocative internet-based campaign designed to encourage young people to think about their own social responsibilities.

    “The first issue we have chosen is personal debt, but many more will be addressed in the months ahead, such as racism and homelessness.”

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