The progressive podcast will be run as a not-for-profit initiative.


  • To be part of the creation of a broad-based democratic media
  • To promote progressive ideas
  • Try to encourage people not just to learn but to take action
  • To conduct training at community centres teaching people how to use new media effectivly e.g. RSS, podcasting, blogging and audio recording
  • To builds towards a radio show and video programming

Organisational structure

  • People involved in recording need to feel like its there site/group
  • Needs to be in the form of a co-op with every member having equal power with one vote.  New starts have to be involved for 6 months before they are elected as a member
  • The site should be owned by a group of trusted activists or a trusted organisation
  • There should be a controlling group of elected representative, with an IT technical advisory committee and a quality control advisory committee and an education team
  • Start with a core team of people recording interviews etc and expand
  • Material should be checked for quality by at least two members of the co-op (in the quality control advisory committee)
  • Needs to be an opportunity for listeners to get involved
  • The education group need to tour creating interest in the site and teaching people how to record audio and use new media effectivly



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