Podcasting is “internet radio,” the word comes from two others – ipod and broadcasting.   This is because “radio/audio” is commonly listened to on an ipod(MP3 player) and the shows are broadcast using a revolutionary new internet technology – RSS.  This allows you to “subscribe” to an internet site and every time theres a new show (put on the site) your RSS reader will let you know.


Wikipedia describes it as –

Podcasting’s essence is about creating content (audio or video) for an audience that wants to listen when they want, where they want, and how they want.


This content is distributed through the internet and commonly takes a radio show or interview style format.  The subscription feed of automatically delivered new content is what distinguishes a podcast from a simple download or real-time streaming.  In other words a new show or information about a new show is broadcast to all people who have subscribed to it.

full wikipedia article on podcasting


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Subscribing to a websites feed using RSS

RSS will transform the way you use the internet.  If you’ve never tried it, I’d suggest you start right now.

I advise using bloglines for your feed(RSS) subscriptions


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