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Podcasting is cheap, easy to do and has an important future

In broadcasting

  • A survey by research firm BMRB found that nearly eight million Britons will go in search of a podcast in the next six months (BBC 10th april 06). 1
  • From next week, the BBC will offer 50 different podcasts (BBC 10th april 06). 1
  • In February, the latest month for which statistics are available, 1.7 million people downloaded BBC [podcast] content1
  • The BBC has also found that programs unusually not associated with the mp3 generation are doing exceptionally well, especially on radio 4 “It’s knocked some of our assumptions on the head.” 1
  • The BBC’s first published podcast chart reveals that the Radio Four Today programme’s main interview was downloaded more than 400,000 times last month5
  • In the last 18 months, podcasting has moved from a fad to a recognized competitor for media market share. Industry experts estimate that US podcast audience is now between 10 and 15 million people, and a conservative research analyst projects the audience to reach nearly 57M by 2010 2
  • Last Friday, Jon Snow appeared in Channel 4’s first podcast, a documentary about cannabis and the young5
  • But the real change is in the way other media groups are now using podcasts to challenge broadcasters such as the BBC.  Now other media owners are racing to get into the audio business5
  • “That to me is the future – the ability to give people an audio version of the newspaper and, eventually, for them to be able to scroll through items and pick out bits they want to listen to or not.”5
  • “There is so much more scope to make the portable medium substantially different from existing radio – and at a far lower cost – that it would be foolish for other media brands to ignore it. My guess is that as it becomes increasingly cheap and easy to upload both audio and video on to sites there will be increasing numbers of people podcasting and a growing audience – and if now is not the right time to experiment with these new formats, you might find that you have missed the boat completely.” Emily Bell is editor-in-chief of Guardian Unlimited 6 
  • Some people believe podcasting will quickly upend terrestrial radio. Ron Bloom, CEO of Podshow Network, calls it the “5/50” phenomenon: within five years, he believes, 50% of the content that people listen to will be generated by other consumers. In an age of information overload, “people are looking for filters to get to the highest quality of content they can,” he says. Podcasting will be an essential tool for businesses making the transition to content providers. 9

In politics

  • The Conservative leader David Cameron popped up in the new Daily Telegraph podcast. Two days later, it was Tony Blair, podcast by The Sun, which said it was as significant a breakthrough as the first radio broadcast by a prime minister, Ramsay MacDonald in 1924 5
  • The internet is being taken more seriously by political parties “Bloggers could have their own area at the Conservatives’ annual conference in a sign of a growing influence of Tory internet networks.” 3
  • MEP wants meetings to be podcast “Transmitting our committee meetings via the net would also help lobbyists and assistants who often find that full committee rooms mean that they are unable to access the translation service.”4
  • ‘It is difficult, indeed dangerous, to underestimate the huge changes this [media]revolution will bring or the power of developing technologies to build and destroy – not just companies but whole countries.’ Rupert Murdoch 8

In creating alternative media

  • While mainstream media may see individual blogs as competitors, what is really unnerving is that the competition is with the blogosphere as a whole. This is not just a competition between sites, but a competition between business models. The world of Web 2.0 is also the world of what Dan Gillmor calls “we, the media,” a world in which “the former audience”, not a few people in a back room, decides what’s important. 7

For more recent information see


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8 What is social media
9 New Influencers Book – 8 – The talkers


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